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Here is the one behind My Dive Holiday! Simone Tomazela, a brazilian native mix of Italy and Japan with an Indonesian heart!

Simone is an avid traveler and a passionate diver with an engineer background. She used to be a contractor, planning and managing constructions in a previous life. In 2011 she decided to change her life and go travelling. Without any plans, just following her passion for diving, she ended up in Southeast Asia, the heart of the Coral Triangle. If you are curious about this life change adventure, have a look at her personal blog. It’s in Portuguese (her mother language) but there’s a translator button.

In 2012 she became a Dive Instructor and got her first job on a Liveaboard. The dream started to become true!

Since then, she has been working in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and East Timor, on Dive Resorts, Liveaboards and Private Yachts.

Because there are many people looking for information and advices about the places she has been and she loves sharing her knowledgement and experience, she decided to  start this website in 2015, providing fellow divers a good source of information.

Find more about her trips on her Youtube Channel.